modern parenting #1

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seriously..who don't have any issue / hatred with their parents. i admit that even my dad passed away when im 5, i doesn't impress my mom much but rebelled more. i forgot how many times , me seeing her dropped her holy tears bcoz of me. plus a significant change ,drop out from skolah agama. i donno why & started questioning her what a big deal finishing my lousy academy & syariah in skolah agama.
All kinds of punishments , method , prayers ..pulled toward my behaviors... i remember all of it and proud of it..not because for being spoiled ( i dont think im a spoiled brat )even tough me quite immunised ..but im proud bcoz i have a loving mom.

When you was a kid you hated your parents for many reasons ..e.i..for make you an errand boy/gal.." Dol..p kedai sat beli kicap & blah blah" so you have to dragged you so lame arse and missed out your fav cartoon show 11am every saturday.. " alaa nanti tak bley ke mak!!" me muttered wiz sinister eyes..
same goes with kelas fardu ain..i remembered spending all my fardu ain monthly fees at video games arcade ( at that times..street fighter & metal slug are so kooll!! )
in resulted ..libasan demi libasan.. belt & mcm2 lg house ware..
its not my intention to show my mom's way to educate me is A class.. but it made me no what is RIGHT and what is WRONG>.,Learn From Mistake..and many more.. ( go figure
SO..HAVE you figure out todays modern parenting??how would you educate / bend your child..

( this is a random opinion )
aku ada agreement yang ko kena spank anak2 bila dia masih kecik. bila dia masih bodoh nak faham pasal dunia. can't reason with kids. they're just too much of pain in the ass for the explaining to be there. However, as they reach 10-12, you should reduce the beating...cause you can start reason with them. just occasionally beat them for things they still don't understand.

then, you can talk like an adult with them after 13 years old. kids should be taught about responsibility as early as 7 years old. let the motherfucker wash their own school shoes or deny their request for toys (granted only few times). ask them to wash the dishes or babysit the smaller motherfucker. you need to cause otherwise they will fucked up since they can't see that they should be responsible to what they do. kids should never be allowed to be kids at all time. if you start providing them with responsibilities, they will become more matured. also, don't limit this to girls only...ask the boys to wash the dishes, do the laundry etc also. be fair cause boys shouldn't get advantage because they have balls. equal treatment to all of them is just the way should do it.

im so annoy with parents who blaming the teachers for their kids sins..( ywah..idup cikgu!!)ex " asal cikgu simply lempang anak sya yg innocent ni.. dia budak baik..tak pernah pijak lipas pun..kalo cikgu sentuh dia lagi, im suing your sorry arse..u stupid cheap whore" ( aku tmbah je tuh) for my mom & brothers ( i got very da garang bro)" cikgu bedal je la si Ryan ni,kalo dia bwat jahat, jgn patah riuk sudah" when ever i told my mom , i got canned in school.. she will autmatically gave the bonus on the dot ( Get the point?)
mostly modern parenting also tought their child with money ( rasuahh ..keji )
you got to earn it, you got to contribute...not because i rasuah you and you want to do it. that's why most kids didn't have motivation to study when their parent didn't give hadiah for good result. cuba tak bagi duit saku kalau dia tak dapat good result, haaa..baru dia rasa.

i personally annoy with few parents who practice western parenthood to their childs.
ex,Atan grounded for a week ,for cheating on UPSR, or ponteng kelas piano..( WTF!!)
" go seat at the end of the corridor and think why smoking pot is bad for you!"
just admit, we practiced modern western lifestyle juz to look kool, look like a decent family, educated style..( STYLE MY ARSE>>!!) im not so jealous on your RIAK's lifestyle ..but sedarlah diri tuh..have some faith in ALLah, sunnah Nabi, basic/Islamic fundamental ..terapkan lah kat anak tuh.. teach your child takut kan Allah, bukan bcoz what ppl say, bukan bcoz malukan masyarakat mengata..
pity.. on parents nowadays..i remembered a fren told me his story being lecture by a cop.." Kamu sedarlah , mak bapak korang kat kg sana, menyembah pokok getah, membanting tulang nk antar korang p belajar tinggi2.." alih2 korang bawak balik dakyah kafir and act cool with it,
Hope your fuckin MBA,Phd..will help you dalam kubur nanti..
..panas! pnass!... ( ape ku da melencong ni )

i have so much to rage but my mind started blurry as tons of pending emails need to be action.. urghh.. will continue ... later k..

MLM poser sucxx!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How can we act cool in FB and at the same times, gather potential interest on your MLM

this is my understanding on new desperate way to gather downlines / business partner thru internet.

1. withdraw as money you can get, from any available can try your saving, friends & family.
remember, it is for once you can deposit it back after the 2nd step later.

2.get the best shot , pose with that money, try get an angle where it will show clearly that you have multiple notes in your hands.its not necessarily to have bunch of notes as 10k, a 20pcs of $50 will do enough. Remember that in psychology ,viewer ( potential downlines ) will impress with that multiple , decorative notes, rather than count the total and where did you get the money. With a simple graphic software , you could add up a nice wording ,such as " Look , how much i gather in 1 weeks just hanging round at home without doing anything" OR " Do you want to be like this?. Why wait?. act now." or what ever sample text you can grab from your upline business page.
Another trick is, use the same money that you have to pay to join the program as you dummy. If the starter package is $2300 so yo will have 46 pcs of $50 notes in your hands ( DUHH ).

3.The next step is almost the same as above, but instead using money, we gonna pose with an assets . You can use any properties that will show, reflect who you are.Here i like to use a car.Get the best shot with any luxury car that you can find.Try BMX ;p, Mercedes,.. blah blah..Just get a quick shot while the owner is not around.

4.Start post all the pics all over the internet. Try add it up with a motivation quote , a fake testimony..or any wording, text you can come up with. Be creative, as this is your folio to lure in all the potential business partner in the internet. Be sure to put in ridiculous text -- potential earn such " get $999,999 while sleep at home " ( What the....).im not sure how many ppl will fall into it.. hahah. Remember, MONEY = Attraction , MORE MONEY = more Attraction.

Seriously...i dont have any issue againts MLM some of it really good and LOGIC up for their objective. The products are clear , and they are helping each other in their business networking to archive the goal.I do understand some of the pics posted over the internet are genuine. Bear in mind..a millionaire in MLM doesn't happen overnight. Im also one of MLM member as well, and im aware with the phrase , " its to good to be true "and"There's no such thing as a free lunch".


Jalan di Malaysia Chantek bukan?

Monday, October 4, 2010

its really menjengkelkan keadaan jalan raya di sini. aku smpai skrg x paham asal derang leh tampal jalan2 utama macam chelaka je..
korang sure biase tgk suasana / keadaan dimana pakar2 bwat jalan ni duk kat bahu2 jalan.. tampal / baiki jalan2 rosak di ibukota. dan masa tuh..jalan pun jem x semena=mena ( tetiba ).. korang x payah la marah macha2 tuh.. as da mmg keje depa.. nk repair tuk korang. depa ikut arahan je.. dr atasan ( ku tau la.. ku penah bwat keje ni dlu2 , back in 2003)

bayangkan kete korang yg lowed mcm bajak sawah tu lalu jln ni ke tmpt keje hari2

jika di tanya pihak2 berwajib, jawapan clishe " ermm..kami belum dapat apa2 laporan/aduan akan kerosakan di jalan hanjeng/1A, tapi jika ada, sudah tentu kami ambil tindakan" atau " pihak PELAS belum terima apa2 laporan ,dan jika ada, kami akan bertindak utk kesenangan para pengguna lebuhraya" LOL.. nk tnggu org mati, kete terbabas baru depa nk repair..
Actually, this is more a tradition in Msia as certain departments will only action or show urgency once there are death, injury, riot involve. if not..BOlayan..or..tnggu budget.For example: Fed Highway.. from Batu 3 to subang airport junction, there is a pothole ( quite deep ), and has been there for quite sometime. I did ran into it before and result into a rumble in my drive ( macam bawak roller coster ) and of course an injury to the sport RIM ( WTF !!!) is it my fault witz speed of 80kmh we unable to avoid it aS thinking of the vehicle at the back might panic as me changing lanes. FUCXX>... Yes of course we love our sport rim we dont wanna hit from the back too..

do you know how many accidents or brokedown bcoz of this shit hole.. plus the underground cabel access..( could be own by utilities departments JKR,Telekommm.etc)
we can find this anywhere on any road.. why they didnt locate it on the ground.. ( maybe coz senang nk access, nampak..) at least ,,do you mind get it leverage??????.. same as the road .. ini tak.. tinggi sebelah.. comot gile bwat keje..
korang x rasa ke alasan xde laporan dibuat itu munasabah.. saban hari. brapa ribu kereta lalu kat situ, and brapa sport rim da bengkok.. xkan xde 1 pun makhluk Tuhan bwat report,
what ever la.. lantak la.. aku rase 1 hari aku nk pakai hummer je kot..tayar besar.. lubang ke, ape ke..ku redah. ..

open house

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alhamdulillah,.. another week with Syawal.
Syukur with lots of open house invitation, but still cant cover the whole generous invitations..Thanks You all ..


Friday, October 1, 2010

actually im totally blur on what to sketch for todays post.. whatta~..

ok..lets talk about Apple ....
do you have any ipod?..macbook.. promac. .mac here.. mac there...everything that represent the brand.

The big day finally arrived, and Apple introduced the iPad this year
Strangely, during the course of the much-anticipated event, Apple’s stock went down, as observed by many. And then, Apple finally got around to talking about pricing.

Chief executive Steve Jobs took the stage, and wowed the crowd (and the world) by saying that the starting price for the iPad was a stunning $499.
Guess what happened next?

By this time, the stock reported spiked at +3.++.(google yourself)
We wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit an all-time high today.

some say iPad is just another iPhone , without the actual phone capabilities and 10 times bigger, expensive like hell for the few things it can do.
macam batu bersurat pun ade.. korang duk usung seketul benda utk dibaca

and do you know Apple iPad 64GB Insurance Policy covers 1 iPad cost around $699!!
meaning.. they will replace a new iPad for your destroyed iPad..
korang baca la sndiri kat sini
Handle it with care ok guys!!..

one thing i wonder about the iPad is.. how can i enjoy my favorite movie wiz iPad..
i mean , how can i view , watch it within my eye level.. comfortable without hassle to place it againt somethingelse..\

nak kene sendal gak ke..pasni sure kuar gadjet bodo..yg mahal utk sangkut/sendal peped ni.. DUH!

ini consider iPAD jugak ke? LOL!!!!

ganyang Malaysia?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa Satu Bahasa .

This morning, i had a small chat with my old colleague while a short break.
He just back from a duty travel in Surabaya Indonesia.
He claimed that the situation in Surabaya & Medan far more calm compare to Jakarta.
Local treated him as equal to other & almost alike themself.
According to the local there, they hate & condemn the hatred / action shown by their fellow indonesian in Jakarta. It was totally not representing their normal behaviours & manners towards Malaysian.
Some of them believed that the aggressive demonstration in front of the Malaysian embassy are well organized by a certain parties which they cant unidentified.
They demo , crowd , campaign was funded. They were given Rupiah 100,000 each plus set of meal ( breakfast or lunch )and a pack of cigarette on every rally they held.
**sound more like the situation in Bangkok last April i said*
According to local source here in Malaysia, the incidents was also provoked by the Indonesian media where they keep on bombarded their mediachannel e.i papers,mag ,TV ,Radio with anti Malaysia issue.

I think bringing Territorial dispute to The Hague is not about who favouring who. I'm sure The Hague consists of professionals who would look into the matter and evidence provided by both sides. It's an international court. If Malaysia loses Ambalat to Indonesia, not that we will threaten to claim back the land with military might; nor would we say the Dutch favor Indonesians.

I understand that Indonesia has lost some territories in recent years and therefore is reacting aggressively. I only think that since all of us are living so closely to one another in this region, why not live in peace and spend more time and effort in building better life, agree? All in all, when people live well, they wouldn't shout for war easily.

i copied this comment by an Indonesian in one of their pro indonesian forum

Imagine what these group would do if they were give Indonesian Rupiah 1 million each
p/s: aku malas masuk image bcoz, gmbar derang Keji gile..

sketch accident

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yesterday .. after day whole day dreaming at my workplace..i founded a koooll!! page where it can help you how to describe your accident to the official , insurance guy ..or your blurry frenz..

normal la...tiap kali exsidenz , rmai nk tau..
"beb, camne ko xcident?" "ko bodo sgt ke?" "aku da ckap ade hantu kt simpang tuh" ( LOL .lame typical Meleis..

pastu kita pun cube la explain.. 1 per 1.. tepaksa la conteng kertas or tisu tandas.. nk bg golongan IQ bawah 80 ni pahamm..( kalo skill lukisan korang cun x pe gak )
to masalahnye.. lpas da explain kat sorang.. geng2 lain fga nk FMAOU..

so.. cube check kt page ni..accidentsketch
a ..for me a fun & cool & creative .. application ..
i did try a few..

and see the result..

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